Thread Mill Cutting for the 21st Century

Advent Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1974 as a job shop serving the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing high-speed NPT thread mills for their own use soon led to supplying other companies with a variety of products. Today, Advent supplies Thread Mills, Form Mills, Spline Mills and custom applications across the globe in response to manufacturers' needs for higher quality threads, increased tool life and faster cycle times.
Let Advent save your company money in production time and tooling costs.
Contact Advent Tool by E-mail via the 'Contact Us' page or call us at 1-800-THREAD 4 (847-3234).

Mission Statement

It is the primary goal of Advent Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. to supply machine shops and manufacturers across the globe with thread mills, designed and manufactured to specifically meet their machining needs, focusing on job adaptability, superior quality materials, longer tool life, and faster cycle times.
Thread Milling now takes a front seat in modern machining centers worldwide!
Helical Interpolation is a standard feature and high performance form milling is within your reach.
Advent Tool & Manufacturing is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of solid carbide, carbide inserted thread mills, and custom form mill tooling.
Advent’s first consideration is the customer’s needs and continually strives to meet market demands. Advent prides itself on the fact that there is no order too big or too small, and every customer is worth the best our staff has to offer.

Success Stories: By Our Customers

Advent Tool and Manufacturing, Inc. takes great pride in improving customer success. Thread milling can be a difficult machining operation that is a time-consuming task. Advent has mastered and fine-tuned the process. Our patented tools are designed with multiple flute features that provide longer cut lengths for complete forms and better finishes at higher feed rates using
less horse power. Four our customers this means longer tool life, less down time, and greater profitability while providing a higher quality product.

Here is a sampling of our many Advent Success Stories (PDF Size - 276KB).